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Speaking of modern ecology, is to emphasize that it is from a traditional bioecology grown into a multifaceted integrated science.Some scientists say it was the whole philosophy of human survival.Modern ecology continues to be based on biogeographic knowledge, but when thinking about environmental issues and the links between them, it attracts knowledge in almost all other sciences.
Environmental activities today is the basis of all spheres of human activity, ranging from energy and manufacturing, ending with philosophy and religion.All d
ecisions which are to some extent related to the use of natural and human resources, in fact - with the intervention in the processes taking place in the biosphere, must be taken in view of the immediate and long-term environmental consequences.
main subject of research new ecology - interrelationship of organisms and their groups, living and nonliving components of ecosystems, as well as the specificity of the effect of natural and anthropogenic factors on the work of the biosphere as a whole.
expand the range of challenges facing the environment of the second millennium.Firstly, modern ecology should examine the overall state of the biosphere, the conditions of its formation and the causes of changes under the influence of various factors;to predict the dynamics of the state of the biosphere in space and time.Second, the scientists is to develop with new environmental laws ways of harmonizing relations between human society and nature, and to preserve the ability of the biosphere to regulate itself and repair itself.
Due to the expansion of human activities and strengthening its negative impacts on nature began to actively develop different directions in the field of applied ecology.Each of these areas has its own specifics, their methods and the scope of research.Joining together the data that can be obtained by the interaction of these areas, we can develop and implement a whole program of environmental management at the global level, to form a competent environmental policies at both the regional and international level, determine the tactics and strategy of balanced development of humanity to save the biosphere, andlife on the planet, as well as to develop nanotechnology and biotechnology, to introduce new technologies in the energy and industrial production.