you need
  • - drawing paper;
  • - simple pencil;
  • - colored pencils;
  • - eraser;
  • - sharpener;
  • - internet;
  • - cans of paint.
To teach a child to read and write letters and take them by ear, normal vocabulary is not enough.With a computer and internet kids are introduced before their first leaf through the book.In this case, make the learning process interesting.Use the site, where the baby can use the mouse to draw letters.To do this, select the color and line thickness.
Use this method to control the learned original alphabet and .Tell your child a letter and let him draw her.To clear a page, use the
"clear", to insert a new page - "page".After the dictation add the signature of the author by pressing the "sign".You can print a souvenir painted child under your dictation alphabet .
Learn to draw alphabet -graffiti - an interesting and exciting experience.To start, select one of several styles.It: Trow-up (prostetsky);Blockbuster (Los Angeles style of the drawing);Bubles («bubble» in bright colors);Wild Style (Wild Style - the most difficult, with a lot of colors and shades).There is also a Freestyle (free style), typical of those who are on a good level has all of the above areas.
If you are - beginner graffiti, stop your choice on Trow-up styles or Blockbuster.Carefully read the works of the masters, specializing in the performance of work in this technique.Pay attention to the interweaving of letters to each other, their location, colors.Determine what you want to select the main tone for your alphabet well.
Draw some sketches alphabet letters and your choice of language with a pencil on paper.To get started, try to copy already made by someone working.For example, select the word from the letters attached to one another and divide them into separate parts.
Modify received letters to your taste.Add original additions, slope, location of the lines.All this is done with a simple pencil.When received letters like you, you add all the rest of the alphabet well.This necessarily stick you created the concept.
Add color to your letters.Make it helps you set of colored pencils.At the same time adhere to the number of colors, typical of the chosen style of graffiti.Dribbling letters are usually drawn in black, but it all depends on your preference.
Practice joining letters into words.Keep an eye on proportions and intersecting lines.The simple style of the shadows are not added, but you can make the letters are not simple, two-dimensional, and by adding a second plan to give them volume.Only after you're happy to receive an image on paper, boldly go out into the streets with cans.Be creative, be bold, and then your graffiti acquire your own "handwriting".