you need
  • - pencils;
  • - drawing paper;
  • - eraser;
  • - paper towel.
Look at photos, study your own face in the mirror.If you want to obtain the volume figure will have to represent the smallest folds, accurately identify the texture of the skin and the right to put the shadows.
Begin by sketching a sharpened pencil.In the center of the sheet perform slightly wavy line along the length equal to the size of the mouth of the future.Under the line of touch mark rounded contour of the lower lip.The greater the distance between the lines, the chubbier turn out lips.But do not make them too bulky - this figure is similar to the cartoon, and not on a realistic image.
over the center line mark the
hollow, and beneath it, the so-called bump Cupid - the most voluminous part of the mouth.The main outlines are ready, you can proceed to detailed drawing of lips.
smooth lines connect the planned strokes.The tips of the lips may be slightly omitted or, alternatively, slightly raised.Try both options - and you'll see how to change the expression of the mouth.
Take a soft pencil and sharper Draw a line between the inside of closed lips.Carefully paint the circuit, achieving a uniform light gray color.Blend tone tissue.Easy Barcode start cast shadows.Shade the area near the corners of the mouth, dim either side of the hump Cupid.
corner eraser mark the bright glare, giving the necessary volume of the lips.Blick in an elongated oval place in the middle of the lower lip, gently Clear up and the middle part of the upper.Add a shadow under the lower lip.
to mouth looked alive, mark the texture and relief of the skin around.Lightly pencil strokes paint over the areas below the lower and above the upper lip and the space on the outside corners of the mouth.Blend the pencil with a paper towel.Two vertical movements eraser Illuminate the area above the upper lip, creating a hint of cleavage, going from the nose to the mouth.
under the lower lip, draw a light line of semi-circular convex side up - a chin contour.Slightly darken the space between the mouth and chin and rub strokes.Slightly darker mark the corners of the mouth.Figure ready.