you need
  • Paper, graphite stick, brushes, oil paints.
Sketch shape.Take a graphite rod and mark the outline of the main elements of the picture.At this stage, you need to focus on "linking" the horizon, surf and shape of the cape.
Write sky.Perform short random strokes of 25mm decorating brush, apply a mixture of white and sky blue cobalt.When oil paint dries, cover the sky the second layer of paint - this time wide horizontal strokes.Because as you get closer to the horizon, the sky becomes brighter, more use white.
Draw sand.In order to portray the sand, you will need to warm the mixture of white, yellow ocher and a small amount of black paint.Paint this mixture of sandy beach.The same paint mark the contours of boats and smooth the surf.
Make underpainting water.Write to the water's edge in the shallow water and wet sand o
n the beach jagged, setting each other patches of color.One of them is a mixture, which you wrote in the sand step 3, and the second - not divorced white with a small amount of yellow ocher and cobalt blue.
Add the surf.Mix burnt umber, white and a small amount of cobalt blue.Taking a brush, slide along the water's edge a bold zigzag, indicating the surf.Start with a thin line of the horizon, gradually expanding it as we approach the front edge of the picture.Add a little orange cadmium to show a reflection of the cape in the shallows.
Play light patches.Use undiluted white to write a sinuous line that runs along the edge of the rolling waves.Light reflection on water picture the same spots of white.
Draw a distant shore.Write narrow dark green stripe along the horizon with a mixture of cobalt blue, lemon yellow paint and a small amount burnt umber.Pure white, apply along the lower edge of the light patches.