you need
  • - pencils;
  • - eraser;
  • - paper.
Pre sharpen a pencil.Make a sketch of the head and body as ovals.Draw a layout cross-wise, it will allow you to easily navigate to where it should be located facial features princess.Pre-mark the outline of the board, it will save you from drawing unnecessary details.
Detail the head, add a line of hair and a crown.Draw the eyebrows and eyes of these elements depends on the princess's face.Draw the eyelashes, nose and lips.Draw the line of the neck, shoulders and arms.Make a sketch of hands, mark the location of the nail.More precisely Draw the torso.Try to keep the overall proportionality and harmony.
Now you need to finish the clothes.Add patterns, the edge of the hem can be lined with other fabrics.Pay attention to the sle
eves, they can be both short and long.You can draw a beautiful cape and gloves.The edges of the cloaks often trimmed with fur.To figure was more beautiful dress, add to the precious stones.
Draw decorations.It may be rings, brooches, earrings, bracelets, pendants, chains, necklaces and more.Do not make too big crown, this is more appropriate to the queen or empress, not the princess.Fine line mark at the edge of large and clearly visible stones.
Add detail to the image of Princess, for example, draw the bows or shawl.Pay attention to the shoes.Shoes must be elegant and beautiful.Princess can hold in your hand any object: a bottle of perfume, basket, bag, scepter, umbrella, fan and more.
Now you need to paint the picture.Make a princess makeover.Precious stones picture the bright colors.Needless dress can be both bright and pastel shades.Add shadows and highlights to make the image more believable.Hair must shine.