you need
  • - pencils (hard and soft);
  • - clean sheet;
  • - eraser.
first step is to make an outline of the future eyes for this draw three arcs.Two arcs must go on, and the bending down, and one arc - the bottom (bending upwards).So I should get a sketch of the eyes and the upper eyelid.
Next you need to identify the place where and what form will the eyebrow, draw the iris of the eye.It is worth noting that the iris is unnecessary to draw a round, you must of its lower and upper part of the draw "cut", as it is under the eye lids.
next stage - drawing of the pupil and the lower eyelid.The lower eyelid is drawn arc, repeati
ng the lower curve of the eye.With regard to pupil, it should take the form of a circle and always bright glare.
Next you need to shade the iris, and the edges of the iris should be darker color.Glare on the pupil has to go into a highlight on the iris.
next stage - drawing eyelashes, as well as an outline of the shadows in the eye.Lower cilia should be short, protruding slightly inclined (some intersecting each other).The upper eyelids - three times longer than the lower.Need to draw them in the direction from the beginning up slightly tilting line to the side (to the outer corner of the eye).At this stage, you need a little shade upper and lower part of the eye.Use a soft pencil is better.
final stage - drawing eyebrows and placement of shadows.Eyebrow pencil is better to draw a firm that could be seen "hairs", but for the image of shadows more suitable soft pencil.They need to darken the lower lid, and place the side of the eye.From the outside, the eye shadow should go up, but from the inside - down.In the same way you need to draw the second eye, but in mirror image.