you need
  • - paper;
  • - pencil;
  • - eraser;
  • - line.
Take a sheet of paper and a pencil.Draw the boundaries of the future of the aircraft in the form of a large rectangle.Be sure to leave space around the edges, as some items will go abroad.Spend of the corners diagonally to the drawing was clear, use a ruler.For the diagonal that goes from the top left corner, draw an oval note, the thicker it is, the "pot-bellied" and the cartoon to get the plane.Mark the contours of the tail of the aircraft.
Draw the wings of the plane, with a diagonal to the rear of the contour.Mark the width of the wings (watch out for, so that these lines are parallel to the plane body), and then spend them on the front border of the wings to the center of the plane, slightly inclined towards each other.Mark t
he center of the plane, it will be located slightly above the bottom contour.Complete tail horizontal slats, they must go in parallel wings.Find the center of the wings and draw the strip, in the future they will be the basis for the propellers.
To make the viewing window for the pilot, limit the front of the plane smooth line, considering the round shape of the housing.Then finish the drawing window to finish the front border, erase all unnecessary.Heed to be painted near the wing: it is necessary to erase some of the lines so that it depended on the center of the fuselage.The bands on the wings turn round in volume projections for the screws.
Draw windows along the center, just above the wing.End the draw bolts on the wings, and the screws can be drawn simply in the form of circles or more blades.To indicate the movement, inside the circle, add smooth arc, parallel circuit.The nose of the aircraft draw a rounded line.
Paint Plane paints or colored pencils.You can draw symbols of the country where the aircraft flew your drawn.