you need
  • To draw a seal, you will need:
  • - paper;
  • - pencil;
  • - eraser;
  • - watercolor paints.
begin drawing need to seal with a small schematic sketch.A large body of animal and its small head should be represented as two oval - large and small.Then, flowing lines mark the future fins.Mark the muzzle seal , it should be slightly elongated, with big round eyes and a nose like a dog.Do not forget that there are also seals rathe
r long mustache.Doris fins.All lines must be smooth.Now erase the auxiliary lines and carefully Draw details.
If you are going to paint seal , use a dark gray tone.On the back of the animal will be more dark paint on the belly - lighter.Do not forget to highlight when you paint the eyes - so it will look more three-dimensional and realistic.
can draw seal and more simple way.Draw a horizontal large drop - the body of a mammal.Then add the front and rear flippers, Draw the face.Erase the extra touches and Shade figure seal , lightly pressing the pencil.For the transition from dark to lighter area click on the pencil a little bit weaker.
If you want to portray a baby seal , then you need to know and consider some more details.Newborn seals, or as they are called, Belka, are born covered with thick white long fur, which they preserved for 3 weeks.The shape of the seal body -detenysha can draw the same as in adults seal, but then you will need to draw fur thin strokes.You can paint the picture with watercolors, very strong, almost to off-white spreading blue or black ink.