you need
  • Grim, underwater pencil and powder.
Purchase theatrical makeup or special inks in special stores that sell carnival costumes, the attributes of the holiday and in general for performances on stage.You can also use regular makeup - black underwater pencil, bright lipstick, eye shadow, powder.
Select a sample of a clown makeup .The images you can view on the Internet.Prepare all necessary materials.Before work, apply to the face tone or the usual children's cream.Foundation helps even out the overall color of skin (if you do not cover the white face make-up).The presence of facial cream will then remove the make-up image.
If the mask body clown white, then apply white makeup all over the face even layers using a piece of foam rubber.You can then delineate the boundaries of underw
ater white mask with black pencil.If the mask is not white, the black pencil, draw the main elements himself.
Learn drawing sample clown face.As a rule, they are drawn in the same way - it is a stroke of eyes, a red nose, rims of the lips, eyebrows raised.It is also possible presence of small round cheeks, tears, stars and other details.Acceptable do not just stroke - a circle around the eye - and draw the eye around a star, oval, honey and more.
size of the lips and increase stroke.Eyebrows can draw a house, arc, oval, you can just circled.The nose can make different sizes - only the tip of the circle, a triangle from the tip to the nose, or to capture still and nostrils.
When executed pencil drawing - do the brushing designated areas.Usually it is performed in a single tone or multiple bright colors.For example - blue eyes, nose and lips - red cheeks - pink or orange.These areas of paint over a small piece of foam rubber, brush or cotton swab.It is possible and with a fingertip, just periodically wipe it on the cloth.
When color is applied - take a powder and cover the face light layer of white powder.To do this, take a piece of cotton or a special drive and pat apply powder on the face .It will provide you with an easy haze, and when you sweat, make-up will not be a bright shine and flow.Black underwater pencil lines Adjust the stroke if necessary.Face clown ready!