you need
  • - simple pencil;
  • - A4 sheet of paper;
  • - eraser.
Using circles, ovals, rectangles, trapezoids and draw the basic silhouette of a woman.The pelvis and torso to narrow the waist, his head and body build around the spine indicating a center guide line.This line will be the figure to determine the position of women.
When the image of the female body, try to comply with the proportionality.Schematically, it must resemble its shape hourglass.Shoulders and hips Give roundness, the waist - elegant finesse.Try to do all the lines smooth, soft and natural.The concave curve of the body in the abdomen and a convex bend to follow the line of the chest dia
gonally.When the image of the inside of the thighs do flatter than the outer part.
Shoulders should be displayed with a gradual slope and the line should be soft hands and relief.Try as accurately depict the structure of the muscles, but do not overdo it.Still vyrisuete female body , and not man.Change the thickness of each hand in its entirety.It tapers slightly to the elbow, and then expand again and again to narrow the brush.
now on how to draw feet.The upper part of each leg draw rounded and thickened, narrows her closer to the knee.The muscles in the calves and legs protruding do.