you need
  • - white paper;
  • - pencil;
  • - eraser;
  • - gel pens.
Draw a shape and underwear your future dolls.Do not click on the pencil line should be barely noticeable to the need for them to be deleted.Gel pen circle all the contours.It is not necessary to use black.To outline the strands, use the handle, which is more suitable for the planned your hair color.For the shadows on the body pick up the orange handle.You can now proceed to the final painting.
How to draw a paper doll
To get a more realistic doll, you need to take into account which side of the incident light.Focusing on this, mark the shadows and highlights.Color is best with pastels or crayons, paints on paper can be melted and deformed, and the markers will not give that realism, which is obtained by using pencils or pastels.Shadows
should be executed darker than the base, color and glare - lighter.When the front part of your doll will be ready on the same principle, create back.
How to draw a paper doll
Glue both halves.Now you need to draw clothes for your doll.To paint it in the same way as the doll itself, but when you create clothes you need to pay attention to some details.Note pose doll clothes should match the position of the body.

Circle the contour of the figure toys, clothing, paint around this framework.If the article of clothing fitting, it must be approached exactly doll figure.Make rectangular attachment, which holds clothes on the doll.These fixtures should be on the shoulders, in the area of ​​the elbows and calves.
How to draw a paper doll
tools for dressing should not be wider than the doll parts, otherwise they will be seen.If your hair is your doll freely debauchery, scissors separate them from their shoulders, but do not cut the neck!This will allow to pass a fastening clothes.At the request itself can draw a bald doll and hairstyles cut and decorate separately.Dolls and clothes to them, you can create very different.You can make elves, fairies and other magical creatures.
How to draw a paper doll