Found objects for drawing, determine the composition and always try to look at an object from one point to the composition is not impaired.Draw only what gets in your field of vision, it will most faithfully reproduces the objects of real life on paper.
Consider drawing subjects from different angles, choose the one that most successfully will look at the planar figure.
Always consider the perspective lines in the figure, because it is th
anks to them that it acquires depth, volume and proportion.Adjust the picture by a certain point of view on the subject nature , as well as removing the view from the picture plane.This will give the pattern of expression.
attention to detail placement of objects in your drawing space.Choose the song that most clearly reveal the details and content of the picture and create the necessary atmosphere.
Determine the height of the horizon before you begin to paint, and form an adequate distance from the painting to an imaginary observer of the scene depicted on it.The greater the distance from the observer to the image, the more natural it seems to the viewer.
High or low level, in turn, would create a specific focus on the driving or passing figures picture.Try to choose the angle from which you will be able to more fully and deeply reflect the reality of the events taking place on the paper.The picture should be lively and natural.