you need
  • Herbarium of flowers and leaves, old newspapers, napkins, PVA glue, mixer, mosquito nets / gauze, a tray, a towel, a sponge, iron
Take as a basis for the new old paper napkins, paper or written sheet.Tear it into small pieces.You can use the napkins of different colors to result in a desired shade.For the same purpose it is possible to add water-soluble dyes, tea or coffee.
Fold the paper in the pot and fill it with warm water.Crush mass mixer to a state of homogeneity.
Add the resulting "mush" a teaspoon of white glue.You can at the same time add the dried grass or cereals - f
or decorative effect.The consistency should resemble a mixture of sour cream.If it is too thick, dilute with warm water.Stir the mass again.
Shots on shallow tray three layers of cheesecloth or mosquito nets.Pour the contents of the pan onto a tray and spread evenly.The thinner the layer is, the thinner the paper obtained.Smooth weight and place her flower petals, leaves or any other excipient.
Cover the tray top by three layers of mesh / gauze.Foam sponge start collecting water, dabbing the surface.Move from the center to the edges.Continue the procedure until such time until no more water to soak into the sponge.At this point, cover the tray with a cotton cloth and gently press it.Wait until the fabric is not the residue will absorb moisture.
Cover the tray a stiff board or hard cardboard.Turn the tray so that the paper was on the board.Carefully remove the mosquito net.Take another board, cover it with x \ b cloth, lay down on a tissue paper.Turn over again.Remove the foil and cover the sides of the fabric.Iron the whole iron structure.Stroking should be as long as the paper is dry.The finished sheet put under the press.