boat near the shore

Imagine that you went to the bank and saw a boat tied.You look at it from above, you can see the bottom, oarlocks, banks.Try to draw it all.Leaf better put horizontally.To start drawing the boat stages, spend a solid pencil line the coast, parallel to the lower edge of the sheet.Better if it will be uneven.Beach always has some curvature, of course, if you are not on a granite embankment.Find the middle of the line and draw it straight inclined, at an angle of 45 °, but vymeryat protractor degrees, of course, optional.Note on this auxiliary line length of the boat.To mark that is on the side of the stern, held in both sides of the perpendicular.Mark the width of the rear of the boat.Draw the line stern.
bottom boats can be seen not in full, but bui
ld it is better to do everything, and then remove or hide unwanted lines.

Draw top

swipe from the end of the perpendicular to the side of the nose parallel lines.They should be of equal length and of less than the auxiliary line.Connect the end of their nose with the mark.You get two strips and two triangles.The corners where the strips are connected with the triangles are rounded.Slightly chamfer and nose.Draw an inner loop.Note that the bead has a different thickness to the same parts that are further from the viewer appear thinner.Draw a line parallel to the bottom of the circuit board.Fine line mark the keel, he also runs parallel to the sides.Draw a smooth curve of his nose.
auxiliary line is better to put a hard pencil core - soft.

Details boat

Draw some benches.It's just a strip parallel to the line stern.The better to paint, draw a line parallel to the upper side of the line from bow to stern.The ends of cans are on this line.Do not forget to pass the thickness of the benches.To do this, duplicate the line every benches that are closer to you.Draw the rest of the boat - oarlocks, oars.Oarlocks can be represented schematically, they are located on the sides of the wide ledges.With regard to the oars, they can be given a different position.If the paddle is along the upper side of the line, it is a long strip of the rectangle at the end.The corners of the rectangle can be rounded.Draw the board, which is made from your boat.Line them run parallel to the upper part of the side closest to you.

Draw Sea

Decide your boat is on shore or still part of it is in the sea.In the first case, it is completely visible in the second - a piece of the day, and the sides of hidden water.Cut the bottom and part of the stern.Draw a light horizontal strokes wave.By the way, if the boat is in the water, do not forget to draw a reflection - it can simply designate a couple-three main lines.