you need
  • - album sheet;
  • - simple pencil;
  • - crayons or paint as desired.
Proceed to phase drawing Pokemon Pikachu.Take a pencil and soft landscape sheet of A4 paper.On the sheet, draw two simple shapes, namely a circle and a small square.Circle - is the head of Pikachu, and the square - its tail.
On top of the circle gently draw two straight lines.In the future, these lines will help you to correctly portray on paper Pikachu's ears.Connect the square and the circle of a broken line as shown in the figure.These forms and the lines will be key.
With light smooth strokes to draw a more accurate shape of the head.The left side should stand out a bit.
Next draw Pokemon Pikachu's ears.On the round muzzle pi
cture the round eyes and round cheeks are the same, add the nose and mouth.All lines must be smooth and easy.
Draw front paws pokemon.Feet should turn from Pikachu short, at the end they should have little short fingers.Pay attention to the fact that the upper part of the clutches somewhat thicker bottom.
To Get Pokemon figure Doris body and long hind legs.The feet should be only three fingers.The body try to paint so that it had a rounded, slightly elongated shape, like a bell.
Make pencil marks on the back and on the ears Pikachu.Then proceed to drawing the tail.Picture it as shown.Once you have drawn the tail to make the marking on it.
Your drawing is almost ready.To bring it into the desired shape, using the eraser to erase all unnecessary lines and shapes, and sketch Pokemon Pikachu circle pencil.
If you want your Pokémon turned out bright, its color the crayons, markers or paint.Pikachu's body should be bright yellow markings on its back, tail and ears fill with black and red paint the cheeks Pokémon.
your drawing is ready!