you need
  • sheet of white paper for watercolor, pencil in, ink 5 colors: Indian black, indigo, fiery - red, sepia, lemon - yellow;eraser, fountain pen, brush: soft round brush number 2 and 3, a stiff bristle brush "nut» № 8.
carry out a pencil sketch of a leopard in, while making adjustments to the original image.Draw a pencil sketch of Indian black ink.Show short lines texture leopard fur on the belly and on his chest under the neck.If the pencil lines were noticeable, they erase eraser.
begins to add color.Moisten with water brush "nut» № 8 with water and moisten the paper on the legs and lower body leopard.Apply to damp areas diluted liquid mixture of indigo and a small amou
nt of flame - red ink.Before moving on, wait until the blur dries to not let her mingle with subsequent layers of mascara.Moisten the rest of the body of a leopard, then mix sepia, lemon-yellow ink and a small amount of flame - red dye and mascara body leopard broad horizontal strokes.
Writing spots on the skin.Take a round brush number 2 and scatter sepia spots on the skin of the leopard.Show the base of the ear of an animal big dark spot, and then add the spots on a leopard's face.Continue to cover the leopard skin spots sepia.Note that the front of the body, these spots are smaller and closer together.
Writing grass.Add a little sepia in neutral brown mixture, which you and slightly deepen the tone of color, and then throughout the body leopard.Mix the lemon - yellow ink and sepia, and moisten the surface of the painting with water, brush number 3 write the grass.
finishes writing spots.A mixture of fiery - red and lemon - yellow carcass and write sepia orange dots center of the cluster of spots on the skin of the leopard.