you need
  • be a set of pencils,
  • -guash,
  • -akvarel,
  • -lastik,
  • -markery
  • -kruzhka or glass,
  • -flomastery,
  • for -kistDrawing
figure - is a ritual that can be used not only to develop certain skills and qualities such as perseverance and diligence, you can develop the motor skills of hands and creative perspective.
Before starting work, prepare the necessary tools, and you need to choose a place where you will be comfortable draw.Select a flat surface to even picture came out.Ideal for this desk.Remove any excess from the table that your work does not stop.
Then take a sheet of paper to size and place it on a desk vertically or horizontally as you like.Then take a medium soft pencil and draw a circle on the paper - or rather, the h
ead Piglet .You can also take a cup or a glass of small size and used as a stencil.Carefully draw around the bottom, you will have a smooth image.
Then draw an oval vertically below the mid-size to draw a circle, so that they touch.Then picture the elongated triangles of color - Piglet ears .Then, the bottom of the oval, draw two vertical rectangle at a short distance, and hoof pririsuyte by drawing inverted M. This way you will get the legs Piglet .
Then draw a circle in the middle of a nickel (snout), draw a small circle, and two holes, pririsuyte eyes and mouth.At the final stage draw panties and spiral tail.
Then take a brush, mix a palette of paint to stop, take a gouache or watercolor and paint Piglet .Pants make blue in a black cage, and he himself paint pale pink shade.Eyes do with black.When the image is dry, the resulting circle marker drawing a thin black line.Now you can enjoy the creature will get!