you need
  • - simple pencil;- Eraser;- Paper;- Crayons or paint.
All the heroes of anime series have common features: they have large eyes, small mouths and noses schematically indicated.Some characters may be disproportionately long legs.
Prepare materials for drawing.Take a regular album with thick white paper and a pencil soft.Pencils for drawing better to sharpen a knife, not a sharpener.A knife can cut the tip of the lead angle.This pencil is useful for fine lines and shading.
Make a preliminary layout.Draw a vertical line in the center of the sheet - it is the growth of your anime character.Mark the line six equal segments.The upper segment is the head.Three of the lower segment are on their feet.Mark the width of the shoulders and pelvis.Outline the contours of the body
.Sketch out his hands.
In place of an oval head draw and divide it into two halves thin horizontal line.On line two points mark the center of the eye.Make two horizontal strokes at the site of the lower eyelids.
Focusing on the designation of the lower eyelids, Doris upper eyelids, iris and pupils.Please note that the iris and pupil in the anime are rarely perfectly round.Most often, they are stretched vertically.Above the upper eyelids mark the eyebrows.
In the center of the face, draw a nose.It must be small and not detailed.Schedule ears roughly equal in height to the distance from tip of nose to nose.Draw a small mouth.To do this, simply hold a small horizontal line under the nose.Not necessarily drawn lips.
hairline is located high above the eyes.Hair draw individual strands.Based on the nature of your character, make it neat hairstyle or negligence, simple or complex.
Draw the shape of the character.Draw Anime at this stage should be as normal and a human figure in the art of classical drawing.
Erase eraser auxiliary lines and paint the picture.