believed that the mosaic was born in Mesopotamia.At the time, it was of fired clay cone-shaped sticks.They were painted in red, black and white.However, relative to the time of its origin, there are significant discrepancies.

more reliable information about the preserved ancient mosaic.In ancient Greece, the floors were covered with a mosaic of rich houses from untreated pebbles.White on black background laid contour images of people, animals and mythical creatures, framed geometric or floral ornaments.The heyday of ancient Greek puzzle came in the Hellenistic age.At this time, there was machinery jokes pebbles and colored glass began to be used, whereby images are more realistic and the colors - almost unlimited.

In ancient Rome mosaics decorated the walls and floors of p
alaces and country villas term.It first started to use smalt (small cubes of fused colored glass), but many are still mosaic made of pebbles and small stones.Of great interest are the mosaic of Villa Adriana in Tivoli.Very beautiful mosaic, which depicts four pigeon sitting on the edges of a bronze bowl.Its edge is decorated with a garland.

its peak reaches the mosaic art in the Byzantine Empire.Byzantine mosaic looks very refined and sophisticated, striking look subtlety layers and perfection of form.Early mosaics figure of Christ, the Virgin Mary and the saints were placed on a background of blue sky.Later, the main color of the background has become a gold symbolizing the radiance emanating from the saints.Sets of glazes and semi-precious stone is not polished st.Due to the inhomogeneous surface mosaic wall, the light reflected in them at different angles, creating the effect of a mysterious flickering.

on the territory of Kievan Rus mosaic art appeared only in the 10th century, after the adoption of Christianity.However, at first it did not receive much development due to lack of material.In the 11th century Kyiv was launched production of glazes, which caused a brief flowering of mosaic art.The largest and most perfect creation of Kiev craftsmen steel mosaics of Hagia Sophia.After the collapse of the centralized state has given way to a mosaic mural, as proved to be too expensive for the feudal princes.