There are several paintings depicting Pushkin, and they are quite different in detail.We know that the painters of the time were not too inclined to transmit the reality as much as possible the direct and immediate way, on the contrary, it was considered good manners to portray human embellishing his features.Pushkin gives the appearance of generosity, providing it with those traits that are considered the most beautiful, it was a perfectly normal thing.So for starters, you can try to listen to what is said about the poet himself and his friends and acquaintances described.
Pushkin wrote a poem in French, which described his appearance.It says that it does not match the increase with the
lanky.Therefore, Pushkin was a man of medium height.Further, the poet describes a fresh complexion, brown hair and curls on his head.Then said he sheer face of a monkey.Apparently, Alexander did not consider himself a handsome man, once compared his face with a monkey.
In high school about Pushkin said that he - a "mixture of monkey with a tiger."Probably had in mind not only his face, but also the character and manners, and a penchant for mischief and disorder.Mischievous character and courage of the young poet passionately loved his Lyceum friends.A similar comparison with a monkey and a tiger brings granddaughter of Marshal Kutuzov, she writes that the poet comes from African ancestors, and that in his eyes quite black, they preserved something wild.But then she also writes that Pushkin sparkling mind and talk to him so interesting is that during the conversation with him, you can forget about all that is lacking its appearance.
many contemporaries noted in his memoirs and recollections of Pushkin, his facial expression was alive, and his face shone with a child's mind and liveliness.Talking to a poet, people are fascinated by it, and often it seemed to them a handsome man, not because really has incredible good looks, but because he was an amazing person, able to charm anyone with their personal qualities.
Pushkin himself wrote that he painted his portrait, which would transmit his character and inner peace.He even wrote about it in his novel "Eugene Onegin" that he hoped the appearance of such a portrait, in which you can recognize it in the future.Ironically, Pushkin wrote that the ignorant will be able to say, "That was a poet!", Looking at his picture.
There are three most famous portrait of Pushkin.The first was written in 1826 by the artist Jean Vivien, he ordered himself a poet.The second portrait in 1826, wrote a Russian artist VATropinin, and the third was written in 1987 Kiprensky.Despite such a small time difference between them, all the portraits are completely different, they depict three different people.It is for them, and you can judge how inaccurate portraits of the time passed on the exterior.Each artist sought to emphasize something most important in his opinion.One tried to pass the baby's face, the second - sad and deep look, and the third - a mischievous sparkle in her eyes.But none of the portraits of Pushkin not tell more about him than his work.