Spoons began to be used as a percussion instrument for a long time, the first mention of them dates back to the year 1259.But the ways of the game are very different, depending on the period and area.For example, in Belarus has long played only with the help of two spoons, and in central Russia are usually used is not less than 4.
Externally musical spoons looks almost the same as conventional wooden table.The difference is, from what wood they are made: musical spoons grind out a particularly hard wood species.Ordinary spoons deteriorating rapidly from the game to them.Also musical spoons are usually somewhat elongated handle, and the reverse side of the surface is polished by numerous strikes.
As a rule, to remove a sound artist takes in one hand and puts two spoons of them back to back to each other.In his other hand he takes a spoon and a third hit her on the other two.Sometimes spoon impinge on the hand or knee to make it easier to control the power of sound.Special musical spoons increase by hanging them bells.
Typically, if you use a few spoonfuls, 2 to 4 of them are the same size, and another - slightly larger.This large spoon delivers sound slightly different tone, and sometimes there is an impression that they vary in height.
Musical spoons since ancient times been used in various fields of life.They were used as a percussion instrument during military campaigns, dances and parties, in the performance of rituals.Spoons could easily be combined with pritopyvaniem or prihlopyvaniem.There is evidence that at times as a musical instrument in ancient times used not only spoons and pans, pots, pans, forks, samovar pipes and other things.Much love, immediately after the spoons, and saws used braids, produces a characteristic "floating" sound.
most widespread spoon got in the 18th century.They are found on many popular prints, they can be seen in the hands like simple peasants, and buffoons.Among the musicians Lozhechnik ancient times there are real virtuosos who could act solo, often their concerts were accompanied by singing and dancing.In the 19th and 20th century spoons were used for the most part, first in the ensemble of Russian folk instruments, and later in folk orchestras.
In today's world, a spoon, as a tool, have adopted even quite far from the Russian folk music groups.For example, they used American folk singers and musicians involved in the show minstrels.Artist British art-rock band Caravan went even further: he plays on two spoons, connected to an amplifier that allows you to extract of them quite unusual sounds.