folk orchestra brings together percussion instruments (tambourine, bells, rattles, bells, drums, spoons), balalaika, button accordions, dobro, harp and wind instruments (oboe, flute, bagpipes, flute, zhaleyka, horn).The horn section, a part of the orchestra, very numerous, its composition varies depending on the executable or musical work depends on the ethnic group or nation, which belongs to the orchestra.

Horn Horn is made of maple, birch and juniper.Horn sounds hard, but gently.Horns ensemble has six holes.Top - located on the back of the instrument.The horns are often introduced into the major orchestras of Russian folk instruments.


Zhaleika - a small tube made of willow or elder, on the one hand stuck buzzer with a single tongue, the other - wearing bell birch bark or a c
ow horn.Attaching holes 3-7.There are twin zhaleyka.On paired zhaleyka perform monophonic and two-voice melodies.

zhaleyka mainly used as a musical instrument shepherds.She played as a duet, and solo, and sometimes perform in the orchestra folk songs, dances, folk tunes.

Flute Flute - woodwind musical instrument.The group of wooden flute tools is because initially these instruments were made of wood.The flute sounds produced rassekaniem air flow on the brink.

Flute can sing fun and carefree, gentle and strong, soft and silvery.Flute can imitate the human voice: sometimes it is compared with the coloratura soprano.And the name of the instrument comes from the word flatus (Lat.), Indicating a breath.


Svirel - a kind of flute with two non-bonded with each other trunks of maple, willow or bird cherry.The trunks cut or burned for three openings, two at one side, one - on the other.

Svirel can "sing" in two voices.The sound of her gentle, softly.

flute played mostly solo, performing folk songs.

Oboe Oboe - wind wooden musical instrument case "soprano", which is a conical tube with valves and double reed (tongue).The tool has several nasal, but melodious (in uppercase - sharp) tone.

Oboe used as a solo instrument in the orchestra.

Bagpipe Bagpipe - reed wind instrument.

Bagpipe - is an air tank that is made of calfskin or goatskin, equipped with a tube for filling the "bag" air with attached 1-3 reed pipes, which produce a polyphonic sound.

Wind Instruments undoubtedly be called the soul of any orchestra.Because they are able to convey the sound of the feelings and emotions of the human soul, which the composer tried to put in writing their music.