Key features cover songs

Cover, but rather a cover version, is the author's interpretation of the music.The overall style of the new version of the song can be changed beyond recognition, but its melody and lyrics are saved.

Kaveri are usually made at the famous music.As a result, a new sound is often given to those songs that once were at the top of the charts.The point is that each generation has its own ideas about the right sound, the right rhythm, etc.These views are reflected in a cover it.

To make a good new version of the song, you need to have not only a musical professionalism and talent.The most expressive compositions are born when the artist or group is added to the music something special.Expressive musical means, the possibilities of computer technology and talent - these are the components o
f success in writing covers.

Cover versions obtained successful if they are made with high-quality arrangements.However, it must comply with the chosen style - the one in which it was written the original work.

covers fashion for a long time began to spread.Everyone knows the PM memory, modular concerts, all kinds of awards ceremony.At such events often occur moments when the songs performed by famous artists of the young musicians and other masters.

the best cover versions come on the radio and music channels.The rate in such cases is known as the original composition and the novelty of its performance, unexpected new sound.

Examples covers

Different versions of popular hits in the past began to emerge in the '90s and 2000s.So, a lot of teams have submitted cover of groups such as ABBA and Boney M. A composition Happy New Year, set up the first of these groups are still performed in many countries around the world during the Christmas holidays.

On music scene are not only a cover version of disco music.Plenty of room for interpretation and representatives are rock scene.An example would be a group Guns'n'Roses, once did a cover of the song Knocking On Heaven's Doo David Bowie.Today

rock musicians often modify the song from the category of pop music.They give the compositions a heavy sound and energetic, playing them in different styles, up to metal.