Anastasia Zavorotnyuk

Zavorotnyuk Anastasia was born in Astrakhan in 1971.Educated at the Moscow Art Theatre School, after which he became an actress studio theater Oleg Tabakov, where she worked for more than 10 years.Truly nationwide popularity Nastia was able to achieve only in 2004, when she got the role of nanny Vicky in the series "My Fair Nanny".The show was very successful and stayed in the air for 4 years.In the wake of the success Zavorotnyuk played two major roles in "The Apocalypse Code" and "Shakespeare never dreamed of," but the recognition of the audience they have not received.Now Anastasia appears on the TV screen in the main role in leading various music and entertainment show, in particular, she was "Ice Age," "Dancin
g with the Stars," "Courtship".In 2012, on Channel left her private humorous talk show "Anastasia", but after three months it was taken off the air due to low ratings.

much more turbulent personal life was Zavorotnyuk.With her first husband, a German by birth, she lived for a year.Her second husband, a businessman Dmitry Stryukova actress stole from the family.They were married for 10 years, some of which are conducted in the United States, where Anastasia worked as a real estate agent.The marriage came two children - daughter Anna and son Michael.Husband Zavorotnyuk dropped because of the outbreak of the novel with co-star Sergei Zhigunov, who was married.For Nasty Zhigunov he left the family, but the whole affair lasted two years.Zhigunov returned to his wife, Anastasia and the third time she married again, this time for a skater Peter Chernyshov.

Yuri Nikolaev

Maitre Soviet and Russian television was born in 1948 in Chisinau.After GITIS was an artist of the theater named after Pushkin, he appeared in films, on account of his role in the film "Road to Calvary", "Great Stretches", "trainers".In 1975, Nikolayev came to television.Until 1991, he was the undisputed master of the Soviet-rated TV music program "Morning mail", in 1991 he created his own production company, which produced "Morning Star" and "Name That Tune."Currently, Yuri Nikolaev is on Channel musical show "Property of the Republic." ¬ęDancing with the Stars" go on TV Rossiya1 since 2006, currently captured eight seasons.In 2006, the TV show got was awarded the Prize "Taffy".

with his second wife Eleanor Nikolaev have been together for over thirty years.Children of a married couple, their common unfortunately not acquired.At popularly beloved master had big problems with alcohol.Once he even allowed himself to appear drunk in the air.Nikolaev naturally away from work, but saved his love of the audience, which filled up the editorial board request to return the lead to the screen.In 2007 Nikolaev discovered a malignant tumor, he underwent a number of operations and chemotherapy.Anchorman bravely endured all the hardships and even refused to work for the period of treatment, able to overcome the craving for alcohol, but smoking is to quit but could not.

Maxim Galkin

Maxim Galkin was born in 1976 into a military family, as a child he had to travel on the country before the family settled in Moscow Galkin.Educated at the Russian State Humanitarian University, Maxim graduated linguistics, he is fluent in English, French and German.His talent parodist was noticed and appreciated by the stars of the genre such as Boris Bruni and Mikhail Zadornov, who was invited to participate in its programs Maxima.Since 2001, he started his career as a leading Galkina.He was a regular host of the show "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?", Conducted concerts and transmission on Channel One.In 2008, Maxim went to Channel 1 Russia, which is involved in the program "Dancing with the Stars" and "Ten million." At various times, the jury visited the project Anastasia Volochkova, Nikolay Tsiskaridze, Yegor Druzhinin, Irina Viner and Elena Tchaikovsky.

wife of Maxim Galkin is the diva of all the Russian show business Alla Pugacheva.They married in December 2011, but began living together in 2005.In September 2013, the most talked about news was the birth of twins Harry and Elizabeth Galkina, who were born through surrogacy.Maxim says he is very happy, but journalists do not get tired to look for evidence that their marriage Pugacheva with nothing more than a camouflage sexual orientation Galkina.

Darya Spiridonova

Daria was born in 1977.She studied at the Moscow State University, Faculty of Journalism.Work to start on TV channel NTV, the first working behind the scenes.In 2004, Spiridonov switched to Channel 1 Russia, which has become the leading morning program.Since 2009, leading 'Dancing with the Stars. "In addition, the channel at the Culture Project Spiridonova "White Studio," where she interviews the famous film directors, poets and musicians.

With her first husband, a businessman Leonid Spiridonov Daria lived for more than 10 years, she said many times that he was to her the most near and dear people.The couple looked very happy and harmonious, so unexpected was the divorce that occurred in 2011.The reasons for Daria prefer not to spread, the more that very soon she married a second time, with the Director General of Russian TV channel and bore a son, Leo.