no single recipe, how to become a star, does not exist.Even the fact that at the right time in the right place, the future of "political thinkers" are slow and carefully prepared.Hardly generous producer or director of a successful pay attention to a layman.Despite the fact that many stars started literally from the plow, it is their dedication and tireless work on myself and became the basis for their future popularity.However, Fortune - lady capricious and does not like being caressed by her man resting on its laurels.That has to go to the stars, willy-nilly all social e
vents - festivals, exhibitions, concerts, performances and presentations.But not only to show themselves to once again light up the pages of fashion magazines.It all depends on how the star itself has positioned itself or its producer.For example, the exhibition of the famous artist will be held without the participation of sought-after actors or musicians.And its opening will come those who are really looking for an extra reason for PR or, on the contrary, the true connoisseurs of art.A benefit concert is unlikely to gather an audience, if it is not present - as a guest or organizer - known personality.Preferably without scandalous past.It should be separate and the concept of "club party-goers" and "Star Club".Anyone who aspires to fame, relax once.Unless the visiting club activities or participation in them is not the responsibility of the star.Another thing, when the schedule allows you to relax a little.But in this case the stars prefer privacy.At least within the VIP-Zone Club, where all her.The cultural program of the stars attending the tour, or on its own initiative, various cities, often includes local tours.But this does not mean that a famous person, you can easily find, for example, the walls of the Kremlin or the Hermitage.Have a serious guard or sightseeing during the hours when the influx of visitors is minimal - one of the prerequisites for maintaining star status.Russian and resorts in the world where celebrities rest in between rounds or shooting, they are also not an exception.And since virtually every day in various editions published pictures of famous people, to put it mildly, not at a parade or in a piquant situation, the stars have to give preference to private beach or resort.Communication outside his circle of the rich and famous is only possible when it is planned in advance.Or, if a star can already afford to dictate their own rules - on her initiative.However, such an initiative could be punishable.It was then, and begin the scandals, intrigue, investigation.This applies, for example, natural and shopping, during which found a star, even disguised from head to toe, will not be difficult for her fans or vocal opponents.