canonized image of Lenin in Soviet art

Busts Vladimir Lenin - the category of sculptural works, which became part of the Soviet state.Leniniana was the canon of art in the Soviet Union.Busts were established to perpetuate the memory of the leader, the founder of the Soviet state.Also, sculpture is the promotion of the existing system.

Busts usually installed in front of educational institutions, in the alleys of parks, buildings houses of Pioneers, houses of culture, public places.Leniniana began in 1924 with the Resolution of the II Congress of the Soviets, which ordered to develop and approve projects of monuments to Lenin.For 60 years, it was created many thousands of bronze Lenin.

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Moscow sculptor GDAlekseev during the life of Lenin received permission to cr
eate sculptures from nature.As a result, in 1919 and 1923 there were two busts.But these works of art were not the first.In Smolny, at the entrance to the second floor, was a bust of a young Ulyanov, fine art work by an unknown author.

During Lenin's life the opening of a sculpture of a bronze bust in Zhitomir in 1922, the creation of which the soldiers going to shoot shells and old weapons.

After the death of the leader of the busts by Alexeyev, begin to massively replicate.Lenin's death has sparked a whole movement to create a sculpture dedicated to him.Many famous artists created sculptures at different times of the revolutionary leader.

image of Lenin in the work of famous sculptors

People's Artist of the Soviet Union NV Tomsk while studying at the Industrial Art College tries his hand at work, making a portrait works - bust "VILenin as a child. "Subsequently, he carved a monument-bust Ilyich him create numerous plaster casts.

Since 1936, large quantities are produced busts of Lenin, made in bisque Leningrad Porcelain Factory.These works were made out public reception, such as recruiting stations military.Model is a work of recognized sculptors MG Minezera, NVTomsk, VBPinchuk.

considerable contribution to the creation of Leniniana made famous Soviet sculptor N.Talyantsev.As a student at the Academy of Arts (1924), he immortalized the image of the leader in desktop bust, which was recognized as one of the best, it rastirazhirovali throughout the Union.

With the disappearance of the Soviet Union ended and Leniniana, busts of Lenin began antique thing and cause the interest of art lovers and historians.