Studio albums "Cinema»

number of studio albums released music group reaches nine.This "45", released in 1982;"46", dating from 1983;"The chief of Kamchatka," 1984;album "This is not love", released in the 1985th;"Night," 1986;"Blood" - 1988;"Survivor" and "Star Called Sun", dating from 1989, and the album "Cinema", known under the name "Black Album."

«Black Album" got its name due to the fact that the first version was written by Viktor Tsoi and Yuri Kasparyanom in draft form.After the death of Tsoi musicians came together and finished the plate.

Thus, "bezalbomnym" to "Cinema" was only in 1987, which was not released any new songs.

But the most popular are the la
st three records with famous songs: politicized "I want to change!", "Sadness", "Blood", "In our eyes," "A pack of cigarettes," "Song Without Words", "Star Calledsun "," summer is ended, "" cuckoo "," Watch yourself "and" When your girlfriend is sick. "

Other albums and singles, "Cinema»

Over the period of the "Cinema" the band also released five singles:
- «From the album Head of Kamchatka" in 1987 with four songs: "Kamchatka", "general", "Trolley "and" romantic walk ";
- «From the album Night", released in 1988 - the song "The Last Hero", "Life in a glass" and "Game";
- «Maman» 1989 - «Maman» (or "Mom, we are all seriously ill") and Trolleybus;
- in the same year came the sound application to the famous magazine "Club and amateur";
- and sound application to the Soviet magazine "horizon" with the number 7/90.

Songs "Movie" and Viktor Tsoi also released two compilations in 1987 and 1989.The first is called "ACCA" and included a soundtrack for the same film.In addition to "Cinema", in the album took part of the "Jolly Fellows", "aquarium", "Union of Composers" and "Bravo".

soloist of the famous 'Bravo' was then still Jeanne Aguzarova.

second collection called "The Hit Parade Alexandra Gradsky" was formed, consistent with the preferences of the famous and now a composer and performer.

group "Kino" also took part in the formation of foreign collections of rock music: «Red Wave» (released in the US in 1986), "World: Reggae From Around the World» »- 1987,« Rocking Soviet »,dating from 1988 and published in France, Poland «Epoka Dla Nas» 1989.

After the death of Viktor Tsoi fans of the group were able to purchase live albums "Cinema" and its leader:
- «Concert rock club";
- «The first record" Gagarin and dibeloidy ";
- Live (recordings of 1988-1990-s);
- «Concert in Dubna" (1987th);
- «Unknown Recording" (includes an acoustic concert in Tallinn, appartment in Leningrad rock festival in Moscow and Leningrad DK Communication acoustics 1982);
- «Acoustic Concert";
- «Acoustics" (or "Songs with guitar");
- «12-13 January 1985.Moscow ";
- «Mike Naumenko.Viktor Tsoi";
- «Execution is permitted" (precast concert in which, apart from Victor Tsoi was attended by Boris Grebenshchikov and Mike Naumenko);
- «Leningrad 1984".