Explanation frescoes

Egyptian murals give the opportunity to see how people lived in ancient Egypt.Artists painted the event, which was attended by the gods, the pharaohs, or ordinary citizens.

The images show how the world works, which have the function of the gods, the events of their lives.For example, the goddess Nut represented the firmament, inside her body painted with stars that she swallowed each morning.

Many frescoes can be seen moving Ra in his boat, it is surrounded by a retinue of other gods.When the boat goes down to the underworld, it is a battle with the serpent Apep.The tombs often depicted Anubis, engaged in embalming.In the palaces and tombs of the frescoes painted on the life of Pharaoh, and the royal family.Murals were al
so deeper, hidden meaning.

different meaning frescoes

unravel the meaning of the Egyptian frescoes is possible not only objectively and visually, but also in the colors of which are contained in the drawing.Egyptians paid great importance to color, to spiritualize it.

presence in the image of blue meant the divine meaning.Any blue items murals represent a connection to eternity and the gods.The blue color in the figure shows the purification, recovery.Blue things in the image have vitality.

One of the favorite colors of the ancient Egyptians was green.This color is a symbol of good creation, life and resurrection.For example, all the frescoes of the god Osiris has green skin.This means that it is the winner of death, personification of reviving and creative nature.

particular importance in ancient Egypt had a turquoise color.According to the Egyptians, it is in this color colored creation of the human soul.Turquoise elements of murals is a bond with a spiritual force.

artist painted black that should be secret is hidden.Black portrayed all that can not be expressed by human hand.Egyptians clearly represented and believed in an afterlife.But all that is associated with the death, including the gods of death, were black.

Image frescoes white garments, crowns, and other things means proximity to the divine principle and purity.

Yellow personified hill, immortality, incorruptibility.Yellow paint to draw what should have been an extraterrestrial sense spirituality.It is the color of pharaohs and gods.

When treatment of red color on the mural must be careful and cautious.Since red has a dual meaning in ancient Egypt.On the one hand it is the color of destruction and death, on the other embodied energy, a riot of life.However, this conflict may be found that as one moves to another.Red - the blood that is shed in war, but also the blood that flows in every human being, gives strength.Red mane in the frescoes is the destroyer god Seth.The solar disk, granting life to all living creatures, too red.

For example, such an interpretation of the frescoes can use the image of Anubis.God is depicted with a black head, indicating a connection between his death and the afterlife realm.His head was covered by a blue crown, holding in her hand a blue ankh.It is a symbol of divinity and eternity.Golden clothes elements mean immortality of God, it is the presence of life on earth.