believed that heavy music - the lot of young people.She was born as a protest, and that is why teens perceive it as good.But over time, most of the young people rethink their attitude towards life and music, musical tastes changed.Those who are close to the spirit of defiance of nature, to bring cravings for heavy music throughout his life.

main styles of heavy music are:
- metal,
- rock,
- punk,
- grunge.

virtually all areas presented a variety of styles and variations, such as proper styles of rock, there are more than 20, and is glam rock, and hard rock.In addition, each has its own style and character for musical rhythms.


In the early 80-ies of the twentieth century there was a heavy metal called music.It originated this trend among young people living in Cal
ifornia.Young people decided to combine the two styles: punk rock and hardcore.Featured heavy metal sound, with lots of guitar and drum parts.Singer, who performed a song, sometimes not singing, but simply shouted lyrics.

progressive metal genre is considered to be the intellectual heavy music.The thing is that the song lasts 20-30 minutes with the ever-changing tempo.These songs feature long guitar and keyboard losses and tight vocals.But it is hard to ingenious sound is perceived by people, so the style is not gained popularity, and in terms of investments and did was completely untenable.


In the mid-sixties, has won wide popularity garage rock, he was named not by accident, because in most American cities, each family had a garage that was the site of parties for children and adolescents.It is in these garages, young people, and create music group came up with the music and rehearsing.The distinctive features of such areas are incredible energy and, unfortunately, the poor quality of the recording, as most musicians do not have the funds to be recorded in the studios.


To date, the most popular style of heavy music is an alternative that has united a great many areas, from grunge to punk.This style was originally conceived as free from the rules and not similar to any other.Alternative gained wide popularity among fans of heavy music, it also attracted the attention of music fans who did not like any rock or punk.The secret of success was simple: in addition to the sharpness of the metal and punk margin, in the alternative, there was a place for a good and true vocal melodies.That alternative was the cause of many favorite lyrical rock ballads.