Greek sphinx

Greece Sphinx was not only being feminine, but the proper name.Sphinx in Greek mythology - the daughter of Typhon and Echidna or dog Orff brother many-headed Cerberus, and the Chimera.This creature was not only the head of a woman and the body of a lioness, and wings of an eagle and a snake instead of a tail.Greek Sphinx - originally a deity of destruction and bad luck, and later - the keeper of the entrance to the Hundred Chapters of Thebes.Every traveler asked her a riddle, and no one could answer it.Anyone who gave the wrong answer, the Sphinx strangled and then devoured.

long time famous "riddle of the Sphinx" invented each narrator to your taste, but then there were two canonical version.T
he first says that the Sphinx asked about who walks in the morning to four in the afternoon on two, and in the evening on three and the answer to this mystery man crawling in infancy, to move independently on two feet as an adult, and leaning on a stick to old age.The second, less common version is that the Sphinx asked the riddle of the two sisters, each of which gives rise to another, referring to the night and the day.Riddle of the Sphinx divined the future king of the city - Oedipus, but the path that opened his monster, did not lead him to happiness - is on the road to Thebes, Oedipus killed himself without knowing his father and then coming to the city, also unintentionally, marriedmother, what brought a terrible curse on Thebes.When the cause of the anger of the gods opened and Rex knew what he had done, unhappy blinded himself and went into exile. After Oedipus solved the riddle of the Sphinx, she threw herself from a high rock and died.

Egyptian sphinx

In contrast to the Greek, Egyptian Sphinx does not have its own history and gender.Moreover, in comparison with the Greek version of it it can even be called a friendly, but not good-natured.Images of a man with a lion's body Egyptians put the "service" entrance to the temple and about the tomb, the Sphinx had to skip the clergy and severely punish anyone who encroach on treasure or secret knowledge.Later figures were decorated with sphinxes stairs and entrances to the palace rooms, in this case, the monster pinned function "guard" at the royal person. most famous Egyptian Sphinx - Great Sphinx - a giant sculpture of the soft limestone of Giza.Under the protection of the Sphinx three pyramids - Cheops, Herf and Menkaure.

Sphinx in European culture

Egyptian sphinx, as the keeper of secret knowledge, became a symbol of the Freemasons.Riddle of the Sphinx served the Greek story of many literary works.Interest in the sphinxes in the 16th century led to the emergence of "French sphinx" - naturalistic sculptures made with the body of a lioness and the head of a beautiful woman.As such, the sphinxes existed in art until the 19th century, when on a wave of neo-classical trends in the art of "return" Greek and Egyptian sphinxes.