one of the wealthiest young actors estimates Sunday Times turned Daniel Radcliffe, who played the role of Harry Potter.Only in 2011 the actor was able to earn 54 million pounds.Radcliffe was born in 1989, and at age 11 had already begun to appear in the Harry Potter films, becoming one of the youngest and of the most popular actors.His old as Emma Watson, who plays Hermione, has also been able to make a considerable amount.However, its revenue for 2011 amounted to just over $ 26 million, which is almost 2 times less than the income of her colleagues Potteriane.

other young, but has already managed to acquire wealth was the actor Robert Pattinson starred in the movie "Twilight."In just one year he was able to earn 40 million pounds.Daniel Radcliffe, he concedes as the income and age and
experience: Pattinson older than their counterparts in the 3 years, and his acting career began only in 2004.

fast gaining popularity and young singers.Singer Miley Cyrus was born in 1992, and when she turned 18, she had already entered the Celebrity 100 list, published in the journal Forbes.Participation in the TV series "Hannah Montana" and singing songs in 2012 Miley brought more than 120 million dollars, so she became one of the richest and most young celebrities.

In 2012, the richest of the young singers British magazine Sunday Times was the 23-year-old beauty Adele.In 2011, she was able to earn about 6 million pounds, and in 2012 - more than 20 million.

At one time the richest young star Selena Gomez admitted.Even before the age of 19 the girl managed to earn its first $ 4 million for their participation in films and serials.Hilary Duff Selena's older than 5 years, but its earnings substantially higher.Starring in several films, released three albums and has earned more than $ 25 million, it became one of the richest celebrities under 30.