genius and artist

future artist was born 15 April 1452 in the town of Vinci, near Florence in the family of a wealthy notary.Leonardo's first teacher was the famous sculptor and painter Andrea della Verrocchio.In 1472, Leonardo da Vinci left the workshop of his teacher and began working independently.

Around 1482 he left Florence to Milan, where he entered the service of Duke Ludovico Moro.In Milan, Leonardo created some wonderful portraits: musician Franchini Gaffurio, Cecilia Gallerani ("Lady with an Ermine"), an unknown lady, as well as the famous "Madonna Litta" and the "Virgin of the Rocks", which embodied his idea of ​​the perfect man.
Using light air light and shade, the artist has managed to achieve an exceptional vitality of their "beautiful ladies". Unfortunately, "The Last Supper" has reached us in a bad condition.Written fragile
oil painting on the wall mural was already marred by flood in 1500.

Milan's most famous work is a period of painting in the refectory of Santa Maria delle Grazie "Last Supper", which belongs to the heights of world art.

Around 1503 the artist wrote to the best of his portraits - the famous Mona Lisa ("La Gioconda"), the mystery which excites people for many centuries.This picture has become a real symbol of the height of the human spirit, the personification of the people of the Renaissance.

come down to us a little bit of paintings by Leonardo.He worked slowly and not very much time to writing, painting, considered themselves primarily scientists and engineers.

Leonardo - scientist

In Milan, Leonardo was commissioned to create the academy, where he subsequently taught anatomy.For these occupations da Vinci created some 240 drawings of parts of the human body and wrote a study on the long term.

In 1499 he returned to Florence.Here he not only painted but also invented the machine, raising channels.Leonardo spent a lot of time for the invention of all sorts of mechanical toys for the amusement of the secular public, as he studied and wrote a treatise on the reflection mirror.

In addition, the Leonardo da Vinci created a detailed theory of the realistic art of the Renaissance.Historically significant "Treatise on Painting" was drawn up after the death of the master of his many notes. Leonardo da Vinci died on May 2, 1519.The certificate of the funeral, he called the Milanese nobleman, the first painter, engineer and architect of the King, as well as the state as a mechanic.

outstanding success he has achieved in the field of architecture, Leonardo created a number of projects of the "ideal city" designed dome-shaped central building, has received a great development in the period of the High Renaissance.Leonardo da Vinci is also credited with the invention of the tank, bike, parachute robot.