Green Future

Environmental problems and hopes that humanity senses - two component, which is based on the idea of ​​a Green city of the future.Is it possible to combine plants and nature to human activity?Proponents of this idea say that, yes.Already drawn a lot of projects that you can build a green city even today.Such settlements are self-sufficient, get their energy by environmentally friendly, dispose of all waste.The architecture is based on the principles of maximum compliance planning and climate: temperature characteristics are taken into account, the wind rose, and other parameters.So the technical means necessary to support an acceptable level of comfort, are used minimally.This city can not be great, it is
better suited for pedestrians and cyclists than for car.It should be developed public transportation.

domed city

attempts to protect people from "hostile" outside world lead to the fact that in the closed cities fantasies appear.All the buildings in them are as close to each other, so one can easily get into the house to another.Life is organized by levels, the city is increasing due to changes in altitude.In an attempt to bring the modern incarnation can cause almost autonomous skyscrapers that are already trying to build in Asia.In these people can live and work and do all the necessary things.In fact, the population of the multifunctional skyscraper do not even need to leave him.However, people's lifestyle will be quite specific, but that few people care about, we are talking about the future.

floating city

Concepts such cities are more designed for survival forced people who lost their primary home than on the massive construction in the future.Floating City is a mixture of a huge ship with autonomous skyscraper, but this idea more romance, as will around the sea.Architects are developing ideas that enable people to comfortably exist in such a voyage without being exposed to storms and sea swells.An important part of the plan is given different designs for the collection and desalination of sea water.

Cities Network

Another concept that every city is becoming closer and more realistic.It implies that all cities will be connected to each other highways network, which can be moved quickly and safely.Some countries are developing air service, other introduced super-fast trains, in the third there is a very extensive network of highways with no speed limits or with minimal outside.Perhaps in the future it will be invented even faster way to move around the surface of the planet, which will bring the realization of this concept.