birth plan

monument to Peter I was opened on 7 August 1782, the author - sculptor from France Etienne-Maurice Falconet.It was created on the initiative of Catherine II.By order of the Empress, the Russian ambassador in Paris, Prince Golitsyn sought the advice of Diderot and Voltaire, who encouraged him and Falcone.French sculptor at the time was 50 years, he served on a porcelain factory, but always wanted to create a work of monumental art.When received a proposal from Russia, the master did not hesitate signed.

In October 1566 Falcone, along with his 17-year-old student of Marie-Anne Collot, arrived in St. Petersburg.He soon began work on a plaster model of the monument in full size.It lasted for 12 years and was completed in 1778.Mari
e-Anne Collot molded head Peter.The person of the king expresses the will and courage, it illuminated a deep thought.For this work, Collot accepted as a member of the Russian Academy of Arts.Catherine II granted her a lifetime pension of 10,000 livres.The snake under foot the horse performed Russian sculptor Fyodor Gordeyev.

base of the monument became a rock, which is shaped billowing waves.According to the plan of the sculptor, she was supposed to serve as a reminder that it was Peter I was able to turn Russia into a sea power.A suitable size block of granite found in 12 miles from St. Petersburg.According to legend, it was once hit by lightning, after which there was a crack in the rock.In people, the rock is called the Thunder-stone.Its weight was about 1,600 tons.Thunder-stone delivered to the capital on a barge for 9 months.Even in the process of transporting the stone was shaped wave.September 26, 1770 a pedestal for a future statue installed at the Senate Square.

As Bronze Horseman turned into copper

Master who would undertake the casting of bronze statues for a long time could not find.Foreigners are asked for too high a price, and the Russian frightened her estimated size.Finally, it took a cannon master Yemelyan Khailov.Together with Falcone, they picked the best composition of the alloy and made samples.For 3 years, it lasted until the preparatory work, the sculptor perfectly mastered the technique of bronze casting.

Monument began to cast in 1774.However, a filling is not done.Burst pipe on which a red-hot bronze came into shape.The upper part of the sculpture was hopelessly flawed.In preparation for the re-filling it took another 3 years.Fortunately, this time, the idea was a success.

However, such long-term work on the statue badly damaged relations with Falcone Catherine II.As a result, the sculptor left Russia, and not waiting for the installation of its creation.More he did not create any sculpture."The Bronze Horseman" a bronze statue in his poem named Alexander Pushkin.The name has become so popular that almost turned into an official.