decision to build the cathedral city of Florence has taken the leadership in 1289, and invited one of the best architects - Arnolfo di Campo.For a basis of Master took the form of a Latin cross - three naves, the two side of the transept and semicircular apse, all in the traditional manner of the Roman-Gothic style.This dome of the main nave had to be like the Roman Pantheon.

erected a temple on the site of the old cathedral of Santa Reparata, which stood for nine centuries.During this time he became dilapidated.The city fathers sough

t to outdo their rivals from the city of Pisa and Siena Cathedral, which were notable for their extraordinary beauty.

After the death of de Campo in 1302, the construction of the cathedral was suspended nearly 30 years.Only in 1331 the guild of merchants wool Florence took over the care of the future construction of the cathedral and appointed chief architect - Giotto.But this master, who began to build the bell tower, he died in 1337.And then there raided nationwide calamity - plague.Construction again stopped.

resumed work on the cathedral only in 1349 godupod leadership of several architects.They finished the Giotto's bell tower, almost without changing its appearance, expanded the area of ​​construction.

But as in 1380 were prepared wall of the main nave.As there were problems with the dome.In the back there was a break of almost 40 years.And then his services for the construction of 42-meter dome suggested not an architect and goldsmith Filippo Brunelleschi.He proposed to construct special machines that could raise the necessary materials to the height.

city fathers trusted the young goldsmith and no mistake - the master of the short lines to realize the plans and built the dome without relying on forest land.This defined the high dome majestic cathedral and became the characteristic silhouette of the entire Florence.

In 1436 the Cathedral of Santa MPRI del Fiore was consecrated by Pope Eugene IV.