Consider a piano on the first grounds of classification Sachs - the sound source.Piano sound produced by the impact of the hammers on the strings.The strings are stretched by means of pins on the iron frame.The resonance of the strings and the sound volume adds a wooden deck.The pianos it is located horizontally in the piano - upright.Therefore, the source of the sound is a string.And the piano falls into the class of stringed instruments, otherwise chordophones.
Note the method of extracting sound from the piano.Is responsible for this whole system of hammers, with a special mechanism strikes the strings.In t
his method, the piano is divided into a subclass of simple string instruments, such as cymbals.The dulcimer performer also has strings mallets or sticks.
As can be seen from the present structure of the instrument, the sound itself takes place in the piano struck.Therefore, many of the group include a piano percussion, along with drums, timpani, darbuka.And the presence of the string is already classified as subclasses.But this is not essential.String percussion instrument or percussion stringed instrument.
further analysis of the mechanics of the piano will show that the impact hammer occurs in the mechanical piano.The Contractor shall not directly strike the strings with sticks, and use the keyboard.Pianist depresses the key, which in turn, connects the hammer to the work.On this basis allocate all keyboards in a separate category.There are wind keyboards, electronic.The accordion and organ have a keyboard.But they have very different principle of sound formation.The presence of an entire group of instruments with a keyboard lets talk about the legitimacy of such division, as he did in his system P. Zimin.According to this classification, a piano can be called shock-stringed keyboard instrument type.