Soviet historians claimed that his famous Leningrad Symphony Shostakovich began writing in the summer of 1941 under the influence of the war.However, there is credible evidence that the first part of this piece of music was written before the events of the war.

premonition of war or something else?

Already it is known that the main pieces of the first part of its seventh symphony Shostakovich wrote approximately in 1940.These he never published, but his work showed it to some colleagues and students.And nobody composer explained his plan.

Some time later people in the know call this music premonition of the invasion.Was there something disturbing, turning into an absolute aggression and oppression.Given the time of writing these pieces of the symphony, we can assume that the author did no
t create the image of a military invasion, as mean overpowering Stalin's repressive machine.There is even a view of what the theme is based on the rhythm of the invasion of highly revered Stalin lezginka.

Himself Dmitri wrote in his memoirs: "The Writing's invasion, I was thinking about something else the enemy of humanity.Of course, I hated fascism.But not only German - just in fascism. "

Seventh Leningrad

way or another, but soon after the war began intensively Shostakovich continued to work on the product.In early September, we were ready the first two parts of the work.And after a very little time in the besieged Leningrad was written score of the third.

In early October, the composer with his family was evacuated to Kuibyshev, where he began to work on the finale.As planned by Shostakovich, he was supposed to be reassuring.But at this time the country was experiencing the most severe test of war.Write upbeat music in a situation where the enemy was at the gates of Moscow, Shostakovich was very difficult.These days he has repeatedly confessed to others that with the finale of the Seventh Symphony had nothing comes out.

It was only in December 1941, after the Soviet counteroffensive near Moscow, work on the final went smoothly.On the eve of 1942, it was successfully completed.

After Prime seventh symphony in Kuibyshev and Moscow in August 1942, held a major premiere - Leningrad.Besieged city then experienced the most difficult position of all the blockade.Starving, emaciated Leningrad seemed to have no account believed nothing on hoping.But

August 9, 1942 in the Concert Hall of the Mariinsky Palace for the first time since the war began again the music started.Leningrad Symphony Orchestra performed the 7th symphony of Shostakovich.Hundreds of speakers, usually informs about the air raids, and now this concert was broadcast to the entire city under siege.According to the recollections of residents and defenders of Leningrad's when they had a firm belief in the victory