Impressionism and Symbolism originated in France at the turn of 19-20 centuries.Before talking about the differences between these two areas, it should be noted that both of them shared the same basis.This is due to the fact that symbolism, appeared a few years later, was born precisely because of impressionism and, accordingly, had inherited from him some of the features.

Impressionism Impressionism originated just at a time when artists tried to find new ways of development, gradually emerged understanding of life as something eternally moving.The point is to have time to catch and capture each moment, being able to enjoy the present.

Cheerfulness was originally the basis of impressionism.P
roponents have tried to show life in bright colors, are not reflected in the works of social and serious philosophical problems.Anyway, it was in the beginning, then there was a split, and much has changed.

name of this trend emerged itself: "Impression" means "sensory perception."And one of the first art exhibitions one of the critics disdainfully called the artists "Impressionists."Artists have challenged and took that name.As a result, it has lost a negative connotation.

It is logical that impressionism is widespread it is in painting.Although the idea of ​​impressionism broke into music and literature, often this word still meant only to artists.The symbolism, in this sense, has gone further.


symbolism became very common, both in painting and literature.A feature of some areas has become a detachment of art from real life.Proponents of direction in his mind tried to separate the two of the world, "the world of ideas" and reality, ie"World of things."

Before Symbolist art used different artistic images.But they had more allegorical.This means that, for example, the reader, studying the work, could easily understand what is hidden behind a concrete way.The Symbolists also trying to get away from the direct explanation.

Fyodor Sologub, one of the founders of directions, very succinctly commented on the value of the character: "The symbol - a window into infinity."This concept hints and innuendo is more characteristic of poetry.And in fact, musicians, writers, artists, and anoint themselves Symbolists tried to permeate his works poetry and riddles.A man tries to understand the work, could not find a huge number of interpretations, each of which had a right to exist.

influence on consciousness

Despite the fact that the symbolism adopted from impressionism its main property - to be able to capture the movement of life and affect the feelings of the person, this area greatly expanded understanding of the meaning of art.Before the Symbolists was another task - to teach a person to perceive the "world of ideas" as a separate substance and prove that one word, one object of the material world may be very different, even opposing values ​​in unreality.Now, along with the impact on the senses it was to be an impact on consciousness.