Theater "Contemporary" is located in Moscow.His story begins in 1956, it became the founders of a group of young actors.At that time it happened exposing Stalin's personality cult.And it was at this time a free creative group of like-minded founded a new theater.Among the founders were Oleg Tabakov, Lilia Tolmachev, Galina Volchek, Oleg Yefremov and others.The first staging of the play was the Rozov "Eternally Alive", on which was later made into a movie "The Cranes Are Flying."In 1966, at the theater was played play "Ordinary Story".In 1970 Yefremov staged his last play - "The Seagull" by Chekhov.In 1972 the theater was replaced by the artistic director, he became Galina Volchek.
first five years of the theater did not have its own building.Actors used scenes of houses of culture, a branch of the Moscow A
rt Theatre and then the concert hall of the hotel "Soviet".The first building "Contemporary" was building on Mayakovsky Square, once there he slid Variety Theatre.Now the theater is located on Chistoprudny Boulevard.The building is in neoclassical style and has modern elements.Originally it was built for the theater "Colosseum" in 1912-1914 years.The auditorium is designed for 800 seats.In 2003 the main building was added to the complex "Boulevard ring", which is the cultural and business complex.The first two floors are occupied "Other Stage" theater with 200 seats.
nearest metro station to the theater - "Pure ponds", "Turgenevskaya", "Sretensky Boulevard".From any of these stations need to go on Chistoprudny Boulevard.If you go to the "Turgenev", you need access to the Butcher Street.Next, go through it, past the underground "Pure ponds", and you will leave the boulevard.
If you leave the station "Sretensky Boulevard", then you need to go Butcher Street, pass by McDonald's and the station "Pure ponds".Theater "Contemporary" is located on the left side of Chistoprudny Boulevard, behind the restaurant "Yaposha" and complex "Boulevard ring".Opposite the building there are ponds.
Before Theatre can also be reached from the station "China Town".In this case, you need access to Maroseika.You can use any trolley.Drive to stop "Pokrovsky Gates".Or you can walk.You need to go around the ponds on the boulevard on the right and take a few minutes ahead, past the street Makarenko.Here is the building of the theater "Contemporary".Have a nice evening!