the development of culture and cinematography in the next three years from the federal budget will be allocated the sum is less than in previous years.It became known from the document "Main directions of budgetary policy for 2013 and the planning period of 2014 and 2015", which is published on the website the Ministry of Finance.

Thus, in 2013 for this purpose will spend 88.6 billion. Rubles.And it is by 2.5 percent less than this year.In 2014, plans to spend 87.5 billion rubles.Slightly increase this amount in 2015.It will be 90.8 billion.

next year most of the allocated sum will go to support the modernization and cultural institutions, to help the cinema, popular culture, and the development of new projects.To all this will increase the nu
mber of scholarships and grants to reward young talents of culture and arts.

The same document states that by 2015, even in the small towns of cultural centers will increase.They will be at least five in each.It is also written that every year the National Library of e-books will be added, which are published in Russia.They must be at least 10% of the total.

Special attention will be paid to digital content.This will create sites of museums and theaters, where to place films and performances, available to all users.Traditionally, it is planned to allocate money for the exhibition of the leading museums in the country.About the national museum fund is also not forgotten.Each year, it will fill up, buying new items.It will allocate at least a billion rubles a year.

Federal spending on the development of culture and cinematography is clearly reduced.This is explained by the following factors: stop subsidizing the project "Platform", the content stops manor KSStanislavsky "Lyubimovka" and in 2013 completed the project "Cultural Heritage - the island Sviyazhsk and the ancient Bulgarians."