opera genre - a mistake Italians

Opera appeared in the Renaissance in Italy.There is much speculation on who laid the foundation for the development of the opera genre.One theory says that the opera, then it was called "music drama", appeared by mistake.

In the XV century the Italians were very interested in the culture of ancient Rome and Greece, as, indeed, the whole world.But many Italian culturologists particularly interested in ancient drama.Studying the original tragedy, they noticed that the words in the text of the Greeks put special characters.As a result, the Italians suggested that these signs like modern music, and actors playing roles in the tragedy, said words to the melody.

later revealed to historians, this is n
ot consistent with the truth, becauseno hint of the fact that the Greeks sang their speech productions there.Signs were placed well to the actor knew what words to emphasize.

But at that moment it did not matter, becauseit was decided that now to emulate the ancient culture, you need to write music that could express all the feelings and allow the actors sung word.

Musical drama

Genre Opera has developed rapidly since the XVI century.If we analyze today's opera and the opera, set a couple of centuries ago, we can see a huge difference between these works.In this regard, it is very difficult to determine which of the performances of the XVI century was the first opera.According to surviving documents, scientists have found an indication that the first performance with musical accompaniment was put on the ancient Greek myth of the god Apollo, and it's called "Daphne".

However, to this day the first musical-dramatic work has not survived, but remained second opera called "Eurydice."The composer of both operas was an Italian by the name of Jacopo Peri.

These two tragedies though are ancestors of opera, but to call them the opera in the sense that we used to see behind the term, it is impossible.And the very name of "Opera" did not exist.Italians the word "opera" is used as a "work", and put the tragedy called "music drama."In fact, it was the usual performances with musical numbers between acts.

first opera

first opera, which fits the modern definition, the tragedy of "Orpheus" of the composer Claudio Monteverdi.In 1615 he published his most recent edition of the score, which is comprised of up to 40 instruments.These tools not only played music between acts, and passed the characters and scenes.

In the XVII century opera was forgotten as soon as Monteverdi died.But think about it only after 200 years.Despite the fact that the opera "Orpheus" has its own characteristics that distinguish it from the later works of the same genre, performances were staged according to the authors, while maintaining all the amendments and recommendations.