Overture Overture is intended to open a big piece of music.In modern interpretation, it is the beginning of the works.Its task in the language of music to introduce the viewer to the future performance, create the right atmosphere.The first seconds of the sound of music set the tone for all subsequent action on the stage.Overture can be very short or long.Sometimes it sounds longer than the main part of the opera.In this case, the overture may be executed as a single piece of music. There are French and Italian overture.They differ in tempo sound.The Italians join sounds quickly, the middle part is played slowly, and the finale once again gaining momentum.The French all the way around.

Some writers lost in the overture of the opera excerpts of which had yet to hear the public.Johann St
rauss Jr. and Richard Wagner used the technique a summary or the announcement of further action musical composition.Composers of the nineteenth century created a concert overture.It was a completely independent works, which are performed by a separate program.In this field we have experimented Berlioz, Shostakovich, Khachaturian, Glazunov and Mendelssohn.They wrote the overture to the celebration, celebrations, receptions.Their creations were enthusiastically received by the public.

Overture in contemporary art

Overture was originally genre of symphonic music.With the advent of new forms of art musical introduction took its place in the film, ballet, theater, oratorio.She creates a mood, prepares the viewer for the future actions not only music.Instrumental accession took its place in many genres. first overtures were written and played out only to the audience to quietly take their seats in the hall.This tradition has changed Mozart.He made the overture complete, a significant part of the work.

Music on the credits - an integral part of any film.It forms the emotional perception of the paintings before the start of the story.Music in the theater before the opening curtain helps the viewer to focus on the stage.Music before entering speaker speaker attracted interest in the person, creates a stir at the time of his appearance before the public.Overture in honor of the momentous event gives it greater importance and significance.In some cases, it can become a national anthem of this event.