It would seem that the word "action" has a pretty clear meaning.In a literal translation from English means action "action".All that is called by this word, is characterized by an irresistible power, impetuosity, violent activities of participants, and the very action-packed event is the center of activity.


Most often the concept of the action occurs in the description of the genre cinema, which took shape in the 70s of the 20th century in the United States, where one after the other on the wide screen out films about super-heroes who single-handedly defeated the enemyand save the world.Films with a note "action" is still mostly militants, at least - a completely different movie - historical, detective.

characteristic feature of the genre: the const
ant change of action, adventure and endless chases, shootings and fights.Very dynamic and exciting plot belongs to the genre of action is.

Action games

First came the movie, and then, like these films began to create computer games.On the one hand almost all the games in which there is competitive, can be attributed to the genre, as their creators under development are out to play at breathtaking playing, fascinated sobytijno.

platform to create such a game can be quite any.From the player in action games require more focus to keep up with frequently changing story and atmosphere, enjoy the quick response and the ability to respond with lightning speed to emerging threats.In short, bored with the game will not be exact, but will not be able to relax.


In the middle of the XX century there was a way of painting, which is characterized by individuality and reflect the artist's handwriting.Most often it is an arbitrary mapping momentary artistic impulse that is displayed in the lines of the brush on the canvas - is also a manifestation of the action, but in the visual arts.

Action Psychology

In psychology, the word action refers to any action that leads to the active behavior in certain situations.The best example of this - the behavior of a small child.He did not ponder their actions, and acts according to what he feels at the moment.

Action dance

This dance is dominated by sharp, precise movements, most often the hands and feet.It should be noted that action-dance has long remained beyond the scope of dance culture and was considered an element of the subculture, but in the early 21st century, it finally took shape in the self within, became part of the dance festivals.Movement of the dance, in spite of their expressiveness and sharpness should be different from the music and rhythm music.