Write only about what good are good, but do not forget that your point of view to be argued.So avoid allegations and exaggerated sensationalism.Widely use illustrative material.For submission to the publisher, prepare separate announcement article.Or instead of the announcement, make a detailed plan.
Select Publishing (a non-profit or commercial).Sensibly assess his chances to become one of its authors.Non-profit publishers are on the balance of the state or there on the money sponsors.The main criterion for the selection of publications - scientific and practical importance.Publication of articles on a commercial basis will take place only on condition that it is i
nterested in a wide range of readers and / or profitable.But even if you're going to publish it on your money, do not neglect the quality of the material.For the publisher, caring about the image of the company, has the right to refuse to cooperate with you at any time.
Call publishing and find out whether there were currently article started on their own initiative.If yes write a letter to his email address.Submit your idea in a positive light.Indicate whether you have already published in journals devoted to culture and the arts, and which ones.Attach to the letter the portfolio, as well as the announcement that you created the article.Be concise: the editors have a lot of work, and they have no time to read detailed message.If a non-profit publishing house, or did you decide to release article at his own expense, ask them to give you information about the schedule of publications.Find out how long your offer of cooperation can be considered.
Wait for a response from the publishers.If your materials are rejected, find out the reasons why it happened and whether there is opportunity for improvement.If they are approved, do not send entire article as long as there is no contract.It should be specified terms and the manner of publication and the amount of royalties.If there is no response within 2 months of the direct offer to another publisher.
Adjust the style and content of his article.Note the direction and requirements of publishing and what kind of audience is focused on the magazine.To do this, check out his latest releases.Arrange article in electronic and paper form and submit it to the publisher.