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greatest creations of human hands on earthso little.Remember the Great Wall of China in the construction of which has been involved for more than 20 percent of the population of ancient China, and St. Patrick's Cathedral, located in Melbourne, which is one of the most perfect specimens of neo-Gothic style. On the construction of these buildings are gone, not only years, people have lost their lives just for the sake of the idea of ​​the architect was embodied and preserved in history.

famous Himeji Castle in Japan, featuring elegant lines, come down almost untouched to the present day and modern
hotel Burj Al Arab, built on an artificially erected island, created especially for this project - all unique mark on the globeso different, but so beautiful in their own lifetime.

Do not forget about the great monuments of the world are with us in the neighborhood, which, for example, is the Moscow Kremlin and the Cathedral, which became the symbol of the Russian Orthodox Church.The Kremlin, for example, was rebuilt several times until it reached the greatness, which is famous for more than one hundred year old.Ivan III the Great began its reconstruction, but the turning point was the construction of the Assumption Cathedral, after which appeared the Kremlin walls and towers.

Giants history

Great Inca left little evidence of their existence, however, Machu Picchu, the city, surrounded by dense tropics - one of the clearest evidence of the grand scale of an extinct civilization.

magnificent Taj Mahal - beloved architectural dedication, or the Acropolis, filled with many magnificent temples, built of white marble - a sacred place located in Athens.They are truly masterpieces of ancient art.

statues and steles

nearhitekturnyh Among the monuments there are very majestic and even giant specimens, remember, for example, a well-known monument of Mother Motherland in Kiev and Volgograd, a monument to Peter the Great in Moscow Worker and Collective Farm, numerous monuments dedicated to VILenin, who are part of the history and found in many Russian cities, or huge Chinese Buddha statue.They are completely different, full of different sounds and symbolism, ideological dogmas and religious faiths, but all of them a landmark for mankind, all of them - part of the world view of people in a particular historical epoch.

How not to mention the famous statue of Christ, located on the hill of San EdRo, Jesus the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro.To the great monuments of the world can be attributed to the Statue of Liberty, located in New York, and symbolizes the victory of the democratic way of life on the oppression of the old Europe.
can not mention the huge Egyptian sphinx at Giza and the giant of the Pharaohs at Abu Simbel, and the Moai on Easter Island - monolithic sculptures with the help of an unknown force carved out of volcanic rock, is still experiencing the minds of scientists and researchers, setting all new puzzles ownpurpose and creation.
monument to Genghis Khan in Mongolia is an example of contemporary monumental art.He and a huge museum of the people of Mongolia.

All these monuments and monuments are a universal heritage, worthy of admiration and equally considered symbols of its inception, the grandeur and scale of human thought of his era.