star is born

Michael Jackson was born August 29, 1958 in Indiana (city Gary, United States).The talented boy became the seventh son in a family that just had nine children.When Michael was five, his enterprising father created a family band called "Jackson Five", which was attended by four older brothers Michael and himself.Over time, it became clear that the young Jackson has outstanding musical ability, through which the ensemble known producers noticed that offered lucky Jacksons serious contract.

Group continued successful touring for several years, during which time releasing six hit singles.

However, the way of the mega band s
uddenly became ambitious Michael, who grew up and wanted to become an independent contractor, earning money for themselves and not for the father.Continuing to work in the ensemble, he recorded his first solo album, which falls into the hands of legendary producer Quincy Jones.He takes Michael under his guardianship, and together they create a great album of the singer «Off the Wall», which is quickly shattered in the amount of 10 million copies worldwide.Since Michael Jackson became a superstar adult and finally leaves the family ensemble.

Star Trek Michael, his death and funeral activities

get a taste of fame, Michael surpasses himself, releasing the album «Thriller», which sold over 40 million copies and made this album the best-selling disc of all time.Record album was even listed in the Guinness Book of Records.Working with Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson received 8 Grammy Awards and the worldwide love of music critics, after which he has been awarded 11 Grammys.

name of Michael Jackson as a solo artist and a member of the group "Jackson Five" was recorded twice in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

becoming the King of Pop, Michael eccentric repeatedly been attacked for its appearance and behavior on stage, but this makes it even more successful and popular musician.Unfortunately, as is often the case with such bright stars, Michael could not resist fame and all that accompanies it - June 25, 2009 the singer died in Los Angeles from cardiac arrest caused by an overdose of drugs.The world famous Jackson was only 50 years old.Before you bury the singer, his friends organized a massive and spectacular show in memory of the King of Pop.