Childhood famous model

Natalia Vodianova in childhood and adolescence never thought that its external data can help to set foot on the world's most famous catwalks.She was born in a provincial town in the simple Russian family.Natalia and her two sisters brought only my mother, the girl's father had never seen.The famous model worked in the market, and helped her mother sell fruit.The school learned bad, because the lessons have not had time.Once it saw the extraordinary beauty of a representative modeling agency and invited to Moscow for the casting.Since then, she began modeling career a simple Russian beauties.

Cinderella Story

fate of Natalia resembles something of a Cinderella story.In the privacy of the model is also okay.The love story began in 2
000.At a private party Natalia met the English aristocrat Justin Portman.At that time he was 33 years old.She initially did not plan to go to meet with friends and colleagues, but the will of fate it was that night there.History dating model with her husband recalls with a smile.This evening the young men pretty drunk and found a reason to quarrel with each other.Justin himself at a party sympathetic friend Vodianova and could not even imagine that next to him is his future wife.The next day, Justin called Natalia and apologized for being rude and indecent behavior, then followed by an invitation to a meeting.Natalya could not resist the English gentleman.Soon they realized that falling in love and want to be together.


Pregnancy good impact on the exterior of the model, it is much more beautiful and even younger.
Natalia course of their work all the time on the road.Justin would not let her go alone, but always followed his wife.In 2001, the couple first child was born - son Lucas.The whole period of pregnancy, the model took place with complications.However, Natalia, as a strong Russian woman withstood all the hardships.She decided to give birth alone without painkillers.Baby was born in London.After 6 weeks after delivery, the model has again shone on the catwalk.The second child in the family was a girl star Neva.The youngest - Victor was born in 2007.

with ex-husband model maintains friendly relations, because their marriage lasted for many years, and Justin - the father of their children together.

4 years after the birth of her third child, Natalia and Justin said about the separation.Natalya fell in love with French billionaire Antoine Arnault.Their relationship has lasted three years.Model willingly tells the press about his new lover.In November 2013 Vodianova said on his page on the social network that is expecting a baby.And May 1, 2014 the couple had a son.He was named Maxim.This is the first joint child Natalia and Antoine.

Natalia did not shy about his past.She believes that her career and personal life have developed so successfully because of the hardships she experienced as a child.