The incident occurred on Tuesday, 19 June, but it became aware of only 3 days - 22th.The first person who learned about the abduction of paintings by Salvador Dali - Adam Lindemann, owner of an art gallery on Madison Avenue.The police, he said immediately, as soon discovered the theft of the picture.

very curious that the culprit managed to make a painting of the hall on the 3rd floor, and in the rush hour, and even in the presence of a security officer.According to one version it happened like this: a young man came to the canvas and asked permission to photograph a picture of a security guard.A security officer denied him, and then he had to immediately distracted by other vis
itors.Taking advantage of the moment, the thief put the picture in a shopping bag, and then fled the scene.

There is another version: as reported by the newspaper New York Post, the thief told the guard that he wanted to take a picture of a work of art.The guard, in turn, did not object, but asked not to use the flash, then distracted by other visitors.A thief quietly removed the cloth, put it into a bag and fled.

However, the attacker clearly documented installed surveillance cameras in the gallery.From the record shows that he was wearing a plaid shirt and walked into an art gallery with a black bag.After some time, the offender again came under the attention of the cameras - this time he was holding the bag, which, without a doubt, the picture was lying.It was clear from the outline of the bag."The police is still in search of the robber" - reports BBC.

It is worth noting that this is not the first case of the kidnapping of paintings by Spanish artists in this year.In January 2012, criminals stole three paintings from the Athens Art Gallery, operated with less cynicism, however, technical training has been quite high.Thieves had broken off alarm and security door.Once inside the Gallery, the attackers stole three paintings, one of which was "Head of a Woman" by Pablo Picasso.

second exhibit was stolen Mondrian hand painting, dated 1905, with the image of the mill by the river.It was one of the founders of abstract painting.His painting was stored at the Greek collector Alexandros Pappas.Later - in 1963 - a collector bought the painting and gave the gallery.