Origin khokhloma fisheries covered with legends.It has long been in the villages of Nizhny Novgorod told a beautiful and sad legend.In ancient times she lived in Moscow talented master iconographer Andrei flap.King greatly appreciate the skill of the artist and generously rewarded him for his work.But the master more than anything loved freedom.One night he left the royal court and went to live in the impenetrable forests Kerzhensky.There he cut a hut for himself, where he continued to do what he likes.

But Andrew wanted to write not only the icon.He wanted to create an art of simple and beautiful as a Russian song, so it was possible to see all the poetic beauty of his native land.It was th
en and there was the first Khokhloma tableware, decorated with flowers, berries and twigs.The fame of the wonderful wizard has reached the surrounding land.Everywhere people began to come to see his amazing skills.Many were living in those places, wanting to learn how to create the same great product.

Soon rumors reached the great master and the king himself.He immediately realized he was talking about, and commanded the detachment of musketeers to find the fugitive and bring to the palace.But there are people that have prevented the flap of impending trouble.Then he gathered the villagers in his hut and opened the secrets of his amazing craft.The next morning, in the village there were archers and saw a bright flame burning hut artist.Whatever they were looking for Andrei Loskutov, but to find it and could not.Left lying on the ground of his paint - red, like fire, and black, like ashes.It does not become the master, but kept his magical prowess, still pleasing the eyes and souls of men.

There are more prosaic version occurrence khokhloma painting, the most widely used two of them.The first states that a wooden bowl "under the gold" Old Believers began to paint, hiding from persecution in the remote forests of the Volga.The fact that many of them were masters of iconography and portrait miniatures.With them they brought ancient icons, manuscripts with beautiful illustrations and great patterns of floral ornament.At the same time, local masters perfectly mastered the art of making dishes a lathe.When combined with their skill and talent painters the ability to create a "golden" dishes, and there was the famous khokhloma fishing.

According to another version, imitation gold, close Khokhloma art originated long before the Old Believers in the 40th years of the 17th century.Even then the artisans who lived in the villages Murashkino, Lyskovo and Semenov (now - the city of Semenov, has become one of the main centers of khokhloma fishing), produced a wooden bowl, painted in gold color with tin powder.The fishery and was the predecessor khokhloma painting.