Many people in Russia, not related to fashion business, first learned about Evelyn Khromtchenko of the TV show "Fashion sentence" where her colleagues were Hope Babkin, Arina Sharapova et al. Lead was also Vyacheslav Zaitsev.

Who is Evelyn Khromtchenko?

Khromtchenko Quote from: "In a woman's life should be a place studs, which is difficult to walk, but that can be easily strung the hearts of men."
Evelyn L. was born Feb. 27, 1971 in Ufa.In the 1990s, she moved to Moscow, then graduated with honors from the Moscow State University journalism.Since career went uphill.Khromtchenko has worked in various TV projects, glossy magazines, newspapers, began broadcasting on the radio.Since 1998 and over the next 13 years is the chief editor of the Ru
ssian version of the glossy magazine L'Officiel.In 2009 he released his first book "Russian style" in English and French.Since 2013, he teaches at the Faculty of Journalism and the head of the unit "Journalism fashion and lifestyle."


Khromtchenko Evelyn married Alexander Shumsky, general producer of Russian Fashion Week and CEO of the PR-agency "Artifact".In 1996, Evelyn and Alexandra had a baby, a child named Artemi.

Khromtchenko Quote from: "Women are divided into three categories: the eternal girl, aunties eternal, timeless grandmother." addition to speeches and workshops, Evelyn actively engaged in their FaceBook page, which often puts the conversation and the users.As a rule, tips of various items of clothing, thanks and answers to questions about what brand and where to buy things, which Evelyn appeared in public.Fortunately for fans, it is almost always respond to private messages, even negative.However, in this case, the publication acquired a mocking character and begin with the phrase "Sometimes visitors to this page ...ยป